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Over 18 Crossvers
Please don't visit this page, Over-18 Same Show, or Over 18 Same Movie. I don't wanna get in trouble.
Over 18 Same Show

Welcome, weary traveler! Do you, as I do, search the 'net daily, hourly, even minutely, for stories in hopes that your favorite female psi-phi characters will jump in the sack together? Do you clutch desparately to the vain hope that Princess Leia and Mara Jade will finally resolve the tension between them? Or that Jadzia Dax and Kira Nerys will declare their undying love for each other? Or that one day, Dana Scully will meet, and sleep, with Xena and/or Gabrielle?

Fear no more! I, too, have felt the pain of being an F/F slasher, misunderstood and frustrated. I have created this page for those like me, who have also felt this pain. I know that my page is modest, but believe me, it shall grow. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed selecting stories!!!

But, folks, I do have one serious thing to say first. Well, actually a couple. First, some of the stories herein may contain sexual content. I will, therefore, say right away that I don't understand why we let our children watch violent, gory, horror movies filled with gratuitous violence, but we think that one of the most wonderful things that can happen between two people is inappropriate for our children's eyes. Also, as an author, I view censorship as a violation of my first amendment right to freedom of speech. However, I am not likely to get the law changed on my own, so here's a warning: some of this page's content may be inappropriate for persons under eighteen. Therefore, this page will be divided into two sections; one for stories with ratings from G to PG-13, and one for stories with ratings from R to NC-17. Of course, one section will be considerable larger. ;)

Second, yes, I am gay. I am a proud lesbian, and any hate mail I recieve will be ignored. I am not ashamed of my sexuality, and I never will be, and nothing can make me change my sexual orientation. If you are anti-gay, or you just came here looking for porn, get out now, because this site is not for you. For you porn-seekers, there are plenty of sites out there for people like you. I don't want you ruining this for the rest of us.

Okay, that about covers it. Sorry I took so long, and I hope you enjoy my page!

Fana Sculder

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