These stories do contain graphic descriptions of phemale/phemale sex. If you are offended by this, or are under 18, may I suggest leaving this part of the page and going somewhere else, be it on the page or on another part of the web. If it is illegal in your area to read this, may I suggest doing two things:
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If you're still here, then enjoy the writing! There's some from every show I can find fic from, and movies will be in another part of the page. I swear.


First Night: Show: Sailor Moon. Characters: Ten'ou Haruka (Sailor Uranus {I pronounce it your-AH-ness)}, and Kaiou Michiru (Sailor Neptune). This is one of the BEST stories I've ever read.
Four Story Foreplay: Show: The X-Files. Scully/Other.
Conditions of Devotion: Show: Sailor Moon. Haruka/Michiru. Another goodie!!!
Zipperless: Show: The X-Files. More of a vignette, actually...

Over 18 Crossovers!!!

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